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Conferences & Trainings

Need to organize a conference or training and a part of your team is in another country? And speak another language? Or... languages? Fear no more, we’re here to make sure your event goes smooth. Interactio lets you stream audio to all the participants, no matter in which country they are and how many languages they need.
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Have a seminar or a how-to session to present to a multilingual audience? And it so happens to be that you don’t speak 5 different languages to make sure everyone gets you? We can help you fix this. With Interactio, you will be able to stream interpretation to multiple languages at once while your webinar video keeps on rolling!
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Corporate meetings (overflow audience streaming)

Having less people than expected show up for your meeting is frustrating. But having too many - even more. Especially when they come from different linguistic backgrounds and need interpretation services and you just happen to have lost those 5 extra headsets. With Interactio, you can forget worrying about overflow audience because your listeners just need their own phones and headphones to hear you.
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Museums & Tours

Interactio app is not only useful for big, corporate events. It can also be used for smaller audiences, for instance, within the museum sector and for guide tours. Just imagine how easy it could be to lead multilingual groups of people and not worry that anyone might feel left out?
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Poster sessions

If you expect your poster session to be visited by a multilingual audience, you can use Interactio app to make sure you get your ideas across to as many scientists as possible. Another great thing about using Interactio - silence. Poster sessions tend to be quite noisy and sometimes it can be difficult for your peers to concentrate on your presentation. With Interactio, you will be able to stream original audio, too, so you will be sure that people can truly hear and understand you.
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International weddings

You and your soulmate from another country have probably solved your language barrier if you’re about to get married, but what about your family, friends and relatives? We thought so. The good news is that your wedding does not have to be that awkward - with Interactio, you can help your loved ones to communicate with one another with much more ease.
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Remote & Quarterly meetings

Our simultaneous interpretation app is also useful in cases when some of your co-workers cannot attend your meeting, be it because they’re ill at home, or live abroad. With Interactio, you can easily host your meetings from your headquarters and everyone will be able to attend remotely.
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