How it works?


No hassle with special devices

There is no need to rent or buy an expensive conference equipment anymore. With Interactio organisations save thousands!

Remote simultaneous interpretation for



Participants can save their time because they don’t need to stand in long lines to get their headsets and again to give them back.


Give participants the freedom to start listening to the conference before they are in the venue, or to walk around during the event and still hear everything.

Remote attendance

Have the option to allow people to listen remotely without physically attending the event.

Sound quality

Interactio's solution ensures maximum sound quality for the participants. We see every listener’s statistics, so we can quickly act if something goes wrong.

Pleasant experience

Participants have the ease was carrying their own device instead of the bulky traditional interpretation equipment. Also, eliminate the concern of hygiene!


Focused audience

Incteractio's easy to use solution allows for listeners not to bother with the usual interpretation equipment, which mean a more focused audience for your speech.


With our mobile system streaming crisp audio to your audience and our team monitoring the sound quality of each attendee, you can feel confident with technology you and think only about what you have to say.


We can integrate any custom questions you might want to ask attendees about your speech in our app. Your listeners will have an easy way to leave any feedback.


It’s not just what you say, it’s also how you say it. By cooperating with Interactio, you will be one step ahead of other speakers that work with traditional translation hardware.

Brand recognition

Our software can be customised according to the brand you represent. E.g., you can add the logo of your company, your brand name and the name of the event. Or you can hand out branded material like chargers or extra headphones.



With Interacio, interpreters have the chance to work remotely from anywhere in the world. Our app lets them switch with other interpreters if they want to take a break, or need to stop for any unexpected reasons.

Relay chat

In case the target language is very rare, we provide a relay chat which allows for several interpreters to work together in a sequence to interpret the speech to the final language (for instance, Limbu → Mandarin → English).


Because interpreters don’t need to fly to the venue to interpret, they can be more efficient and use that extra time to work in more events.

Real-time video and audio

Interpreters have the possibility to see the video and hear the audio from the stage of the event in real-time which makes interpreting much easier.


Interactio has gathered a broad community of skilled interpreters who can use this opportunity to network and share their experience to become even better professionals.

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