What simultaneous translation equipment to choose for your event?

Sennheiser Vs new app-based systems like Interactio


Traditional interpretation equipment providers such as Sennheiser were at the top of the game for many years, however, things started shaking when simultaneous translation apps took their share. The reason traditional simultaneous interpretation systems are still fairly popular is that event managers aren’t always aware of what’s new in the industry. In fact, there are lots of new systems out there, but the state-of-the-art technology is Interactio - simultaneous translation app which allows remote interpreting.

New technology can sometimes seem daunting for first-timers. We tend to go with what is already known to us. That’s why we have put together a brief walk-through guide to help you compare traditional hardware with leading-edge technology. We will contrast Sennheiser with Interactio to give you a better idea of what are the major differences. That way all your options are in front of and you can choose a solution that benefits you most. Without further ado, let’s look at what both Sennheiser and Interactio have to offer. We will put the two competitors mano a mano.

Sennheiser Interpretation Equipment

Sennheiser offers a wide range of tools guaranteeing safe and smooth transmission. To add the interpretation function to Tourguide 1039, TourGuide 2020-D systems Sennheiser’s SL Interpreter console is used. Sennheiser uses infrared technology for simultaneous translation equipment, UHF frequency and digital tools. Mostly suitable for factory tours, exhibitions, trade fairs and press conferences although the uses can be extended if the additional gear is added.

Sennheiser also has a mobile app called MobileConnect, WiFi-based system for accessible hearing. MobileConnect doesn’t have an interpretation function and its primary purpose is real-time audio streaming and assistive listening.

In order to make a decision on which type of Sennheiser system to use think of such factors as the location of your event, the number of languages needed, and the number of listeners.

Interactio interpretation system

Interactio is an app-based system that fully replaces traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment. All you need for the smoothest interpretation process is a laptop, a smartphone, and a good Wi-Fi connection. You can audio stream simultaneous interpretation in an unlimited number of languages, anywhere, for up to 50,000 listeners. A distinctive feature of Interactio - it allows remote interpreting, too.

No hardware is involved which means no headache worrying about what type of system to choose. You can also get more involved in the monitoring of the interpretation process because you have access to live statistics.

Interactio was designed to make the lives of event managers easier taking off the simultaneous interpretation hardware hassle and logistics. And most importantly, provide the best user experience for the event attendees!

Feature comparison: Sennheiser Vs Interactio*

Interactio mobile system Sennheiser
Number of languages supported Unlimited Up to 8 Up to 32
Cost increases as the size of the audience increases
The audience can listen remotely
Interpreter onsite or remote
Real-time statistics
Statistics and full analytics after the event
Ability to record stream without additional hardware
Customizing/branding options
Instant unlimited scalability
1 system for streaming audio via mobile data, Wi-Fi and call-in
Direct feedback from the attendees
*Comparison and checklist prepared based on information of official Sennheiser website published 2019 06 07. GET A QUOTE

An in-depth look at Sennheiser and Interactio



Sennheiser offers a wide range of options for simultaneous translation with excellent sound quality. However, the quality of Sennheiser’s technology is heavily dependent on the type of venue. You need to take into consideration the room dimensions and layout. This includes balconies and all the nooks or crannies. If your event is held at a unique venue, outside or with a lot of lighting effects - you might need more emitter panels to cover all the corners. Most of the Sennheiser transmitters are using infrared technology. Infrared signals require a clear line of sight to the audience. Everyone involved in the translation has to be at the same location since infrared light is contained only in one room. Don’t forget about the interpreters’ booth you’ll have to set up, too.

In this regard, Interactio is not limited to the location or type of the venue. Since the mobile system uses Wi-Fi to transmit the interpretation there is no limitation for your event. However, in cases where attendees will be using Wi-Fi, organizers are dependent on a Wi-Fi network stability. If you decide to have lighting effects or separate your venue with curtains, your audience will hear the interpretation perfectly. Interpretation won't’ stand in the way of your aesthetic ideas. With Interactio you can have more customizing and monitoring options, as well as access live statistics. It’s made to be easy to use for you and your attendees. The technology works for your advantage. You don’t need bulky interpreters’ booths or people who would distribute and collect the gear.

Sound Quality:

Sennheiser simultaneous translation equipment ensures a very high quality of sound as long as the emitters are placed in a manner to provide even illumination throughout the room. Another advantage of Sennheiser - it's hearing aid compatible.

How does this compare with an app-based system? Well, Interactio’s translation system has received very positive reviews for its sound quality. And the key point to remember with Interactio is that the event manager can monitor and control the sound during the event.

Scale and audience size:

This is where the difference between Sennheiser and Interactio is most visible. Sennheiser is quite limited in terms of scale and audience size. The number of people who can listen to the audio interpretation is limited by location. Sennheiser Tourguide 2020-D can only support 8 languages at a time. The digital transmission allows optimum reception quality with a range of only up to 100m outdoors and 50m indoors.

With Interactio the scenario is completely different. Forget all the audience and scale limitations, because there aren’t any. The range simply doesn’t exist because interpretation can be done remotely including interpreters, too. Interactio can support as many languages as you need for the event. The app is a great alternative for large-scale events because it’s much easier to expand the scope of listeners.


There is quite a lot of gear to consider if you go with Sennheiser. You will need a lot of tools to make the interpretation happen - console panels, headsets, receivers and booths. It’s no secret that these come with a price tag and that’s something to think about, especially if your event is a smaller one. Also, consider the possibility of lost or broken receivers - most of the times organisers have to cover it afterwards.

Using Interactio is very cost effective compared to all traditional interpretation systems. Not surprisingly, the biggest saving point is the renting or purchase of hardware. Think about it - no transmitters or receivers, no bulky booths, console panels etc. Also, no additional expenses are going to haunt you if any receivers are lost or broken. Think about it - you might save thousands with Interactio!

Save at least 50% of your current translation costs

Our pricing depends on your individual case, but with Interactio organizations save thousands. How? With our app, there is no need to rent or buy conventional interpretation hardware. Also, you don’t need to pay for the interpreters’ travel expenses because they can work remotely.

Big players trust us

We’ve created value for such international companies as Microsoft, Mary Kay, and TEDx.

Does Interactio sound like the right solution for your event?

Compared to systems like Sennheiser, Interactio offers a solution that is cost effective and offers a number of practical advantages. Naturally, as an innovative new tool some events managers aren’t sure about switching from what they know. So one final point to consider is that Interactio is compatible with traditional equipment, so you can manage the transition to Interactio step by step. If you’re ready to give it a try, get a quote for your event today.