Case Study

Global Landscapes Forum

This is a story of how we helped GLF organize their biggest conference on sustainability, hitting 77,000 online views

Find out why GLF trusted our solution to pull of the most awaited environmental conference this summer

Bonn, Germany

60 sessions/ 3 days

5,000 participants

“I was pretty amazed from day 1 at how everything worked. Interactio is pioneering the remote interpretation. It gave us more flexibility and freedom, helping to make the event accessible and inclusive”

Judith Marrie Sonneck, Global Assistant Coordinator


Global Landscapes Forum (later referred to as GLF) is a young team of environmental enthusiasts from Germany, pioneering the world’s biggest knowledge-led platform focused on sustainable development goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Operated by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), in cooperation with UNEP, World Bank, and Charter Members, the organization ran hundreds of on-site events, fighting for the sustainable future of our planet. Yet, the enormous carbon footprint left by the participants while traveling made GLF rethink their current practices. null


For GLF, COVID-19 didn’t become the decisive factor, leading their transition to the digital format. Since 2019, the company has planned to reduce the number of physical events as a part of their on-going mission to protect the environment.

Seeking to eliminate the need of traveling for prospect participants, GLF needed a reliable, accessible, and budget-friendly remote interpretation solution. Here’s where Interactio team stepped in to make one of the biggest environmental conferences this summer happen.

Main concern

In the GLF case, the stakes were high: thousands of participants, need of integration with other remote meeting solutions, and potential restreaming through other media channels. However, audio quality, speed of the interpretation, and technical execution remained key concerns of the company. 

In the end of the day, GLF hesitated whether Interactio has what it takes to communicate the core values of the organization: flexibility, freedom, and inclusivity.


Interactio team happily accepted the challenge given by GLF, providing dedicated tech support and monitoring during all 60 sessions. Flexible integration of our remote multilingual tool allowed for complex integrations with 5 external platforms, chosen by the client.

As a result, the message was simultaneously streamed across social media channels in 3 languages for 702 participants in need of interpretation.


Using Interactio services helped GLF 

What’s next

With 3 events already left behind, Interactio continues to support one the world’s biggest knowledge-led platforms on sustainability from Germany. Now, GLF looks closely at the prospects of long-term partnership with Interactio, preparing for two big events this fall. 

When asked about the possibility of moving back to on-site conferences once the pandemic is over, Sonneck laughs and says: “In the given circumstances, this is not an option.”

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