Welcome to Interactio demo

In order to test Interactio you will need: 

1. Apple or Windows computer with a connected microphone
2. Wi-fi or a hotspot
3. Smartphone or a tablet (iOS or Android)
Optional: any microphone that can be connected to the laptop




1. Please go to your downloaded files folder in your computer and open Interactio Broadcaster. (If you did not download it yet, you can get it here: For Mac, For Windows)


2. Enter your login details.


3. Connect microphone to the laptop.


4. Click on "On" button.


5. Take your Android or iOS device, connect it to the same wi-fi as your laptop, download an Interactio app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


6. Open Interactio app on your smartphone or tablet and click on "Play" button.


7. Speak to the microphone that is connected to your laptop: if you were an interpreter, you would interpret the speaker now. At the same time attendee would hear the sound via his/her smartphone or tablet.