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Audio streaming in attendees' phones

Forget about translation from the stage or investing in expensive simultaneous translation equipment.

Interactio is being used at churches, mosques, ministries, and meetings by numerous religious organizations of all denominations and sizes around the world.

Community church

  1. Grow international community.

    Our clients have increased their communities by allowing friends and families worship together. Stream translation online or onsite, and share recordings of the translation after the service.

  2. Cut costs. 

    No more keeping up with batteries or updating equipment every year. No up-front investment is needed. Others have saved 50% of their translation budget. 

  3. Save time.

    Implementing the software takes minutes. Only a laptop with wi-fi, an interpreter, and a mic is needed. We will take care of the rest!

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Churches and communities use Interactio globally

"We were planning to update our current simultaneous interpretation equipment (around 100 devices) andit would have costed us around $15K. Now we can expand without limits since we do not need to buy additional equipment. Interactio saved us a lot of money and solved an old issue of delivering equipment."

Saulius Karosas, pastor of City Church, Klaipeda

Interactio is trusted by the leading communities

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Pricing plans

Features list



Perfect for small houses of worship where few people need audio streaming/interpreting. Super simple to set up. Comes only with the call-in function.


Designed for small houses of worship where up to 10 listeners need audio streaming. The package includes live sound streaming via mobile data, call-in, online streaming (participants can be anywhere in the world) and real-time statistics.


Ideal for larger audiences. Offers up to 4 weekly services, using up to 4 audio channels. Participants can experience events, sermons etc. from anywhere in the world (as well as live and in person) via app or even their computer or phone browser. Comes with in-depth statistics.


Designed for industry leaders, innovators and trendsetters. Online and onsite interpreter, ability to stream translation via video link, with full online support. Integrated web and mobile app, wi-fi, mobile data and call-in options available. In-depth statistics both during and after the event.


Weekly usage - service and/or event 1 1-2 3-4 4+
# of streams - Streams can be from the speaker or interpreters 1-2 1-2 2-4 4+
# of listeners per service or event 1-5 1-10 11-25 25+
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