Interactio translation equipment for events: debunking the most common fears & objections

Switching to new technologies is often scary, especially, when it comes to organizing events where everything has to be flawless. This fear is quite common when event interpretation is involved. Worrying that something might go wrong with new translation equipment like Interactio, a mobile system that lets stream interpretation right to attendees phones using wi-fi or mobile data, some event organizers choose to work with the old hardware, even knowing that it’s less efficient.
So, what exactly are event organizers afraid of regarding audio streaming apps like Interactio? Below we listed the most common fears and explained why they’re not so scary after all. Have a look!

Let’s start with the concerns regarding Interactio and attendees.

1. What if some participants forget their headphones?

This actually might happen, but you can be completely ready for such situations. We can provide sample headphones that organizers can distribute to listeners that don’t have their own at the event. Approximate cost is 0.65eu/headphone + shipping from Europe. There is also a possibility to get branded headphones with the logo of your company, your brand name, or the name of the event. All of this will give you more recognition!

2. What if some attendees do not have smartphones?

It’s hard to imagine this could happen, but, in such case, we offer a range of options, such as:
✓Our call-in option that allows attendees to use any phone to connect to the stream.
✓2-way headphone splitters that can be used to connect two headphone sets to one device.
✓And don’t forget that tablets can be used to listen to the audio, as well.

3. Do attendees need to have the latest smartphones for this app to work?

No. Interactio works on iPhones starting from iOS 8.0 and all Android devices starting from version 4. But we do recommend the latest operating system updates for the best experience.

4. What if Interactio app will drain phone battery too quickly?

We thought this through – it won’t. It takes only 5-10% of battery/hour to listen to the stream. And in the worst case scenario, there are always phone charging stations that attendees can use. There is also a possibility to get branded power banks.

5. What if attendees want to browse the internet or send a text during while using Interactio app?

They can do it. The app will not close. Though we do recommend not to distract yourself during the event with watching cute cat videos.

6. What if someone calls to attendees while they’re listening to the audio stream?

The stream will be paused while they take the call. After, they can come back to the app and continue to listen. This applies to phone calls, as well as calls through WhatsApp, Viber, and similar apps.

7. Last but not least. What if Interactio is too difficult to use for attendees?

On the contrary, Interactio system is very intuitive and simple to use. They download the app, enter the event code, and the logo and the name of the event pops up. Then, just with a couple of clicks, attendees can start listening to the audio stream. They can choose from multiple languages (depending on the number of interpretations provided) to which one to listen to, and they can switch back and forth between interpretations and the original audio whenever they want to.
Ok, we got this covered. Let’s move on to the more technical part.

So, Interactio works with Wi-Fi. What about all the things that can go wrong with that?

1. What if the Internet disconnects during the broadcast?

If attendees are already listening to the translation, they will still be able to hear the stream as long as they do not close the app. If attendees are not already listening to the translation, then they will not be able to connect to the stream, because the initial connection requires Internet. In this case, listeners can easily switch to their 3G/4G/LTE mobile data for listening with our Wi-Fi. In any case, we have a 24/7 technical support team that is always monitoring the situation during the event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

2. What if the audio stream is delayed due to bad Wi-Fi?

On average, the delay is only about 1-2s. That can even be less (about 50ms) if you have a solid connection. It rarely goes above 2s, unless the wifi is really unstable. And if the wifi signal is very bad, attendees can simply use their 4G.
But thou shall not worry.
The thing is, our technical team ALWAYS helps to test Wi-Fi in the venue ahead of time, so there would be no unwanted surprises during the actual event. This year alone, Interactio has already successfully worked with 2000 events in 32 countries.

3. Will the participants hear the stream if they are far away from the stage?

Listeners can be as far away from the stage as the Wi-Fi connection will allow and that usually means the whole venue of the event. They may go to the parking lot, drink coffee or walk around the venue while still listening to translation via wifi, or switching over to mobile data (3G/4G/LTE) that would allow them to listen to the stream in any location.

4. What if Wi-Fi gets overcrowded?

Attendees can use multiple Wi-Fi hotspots. However, all hotspots have to be connected to the same network. Unless you are planning an event where more than 50 000 listeners are planning to show up, you will be just fine. The number of listeners supported also depends on local network capabilities.

So Interactio is easy to use. Wi-Fi is not a problem. What about sound quality then?

1. Will it be loud enough?

The volume level depends on the input to the computer used by the interpreter. You can try increasing the volume of the input device using the computer’s sound settings.

2. What about sound quality? Which equipment impacts it?

The quality of sound depends on the microphone used by the interpreter, the sound input to the computer, and the quality of listeners’ headphones. To improve the sound quality, you may have to adjust one or more of these variables.
One of the best things about Interactio is that it allows for remote interpreters – they can work from anywhere, meaning they save their precious time they otherwise would have used on flying to events, and event organizers, in turn, don’t have to deal with the hassle of installing interpreting booths and accommodating interpreters.
But are there any drawbacks to remote interpretation?

Here are the most common worries when it comes to remote interpretation.

1. What if you cannot hear the remote interpreter?
If by any chance the interpreter muted his or her mic and forgot to turn it on again, or the sound is low, the person who is managing the interpreters onsight can control the sound from the AV console. Which means you have the full control of the event and can prevent sound-related incidents.

2. Isn’t it more difficult for the interpreters to work remotely and ensure quality instead of being in the venue?

On the contrary, interpreters are not only comfortable because they can be flexible and chose to work from wherever they want to, but the process itself is also convenient. On the AV console, they can stream the video of the event they are interpreting for, so they get the full context needed to deliver a quality interpretation.

3. How do you ensure smooth communication with remote interpreters?

If interpreters have any questions for the organizers or technical team, they can chat with them using the same AV console – it’s very handy!

4. What if interpreters need to pause the streaming of the translation, can they do it?

Yes, there is a “Mute” button in the computer app. To temporarily mute the audio stream, press and hold the “Mute” button. When you release, the sound will resume. To mute the audio stream for a longer period of time, click and drag the button away. To turn off the constant mute simply repeat.

5. Do interpreters need professional microphones?

Professional microphones are not necessary, but we recommend testing your microphone with our system to hear how the audio will sound to the listeners.

And the last doubts you might have.

1. What if I want to have multiple translations simultaneously, can Interactio handle it?

Yes. Our app can support an unlimited number of languages. Currently, we require 1 laptop per language.

2. Is Interactio REALLY that easy to use?

Yes, it is. Just like Interactio is very convenient for attendees, it’s a life-saver for organizers. It’s a simpler solution than using traditional hardware where you need to deal with different kinds of processes. With Interactio, you don’t have to rent boxes, translation sets. Basically, you just bring your laptop, turn it on and you’re ready to go.

3. But I’m still afraid. Is there a way to start slowly with Interactio?

Yes. Interactio’s system can work alongside traditional interpretation consoles. The interpreter can use traditional mic which streams through Interactio’s broadcaster and into the listeners’ phones.
That’s pretty much it. If you still have any doubts about using Interactio for simultaneous interpretation during your events, just hit us up and we will gladly walk you through the whole process in a demo call!