Internet and Wi-Fi

To be on a safe side - approximately *120kbps per listener only for the Interactio app and *1 mbps for the Broadcasting computer. However, the application must be downloaded for the first time. Broadcasting software is around 100MB and mobile application is around 15MB per smartphone.

* Not including other applications like browsers, chatting and sharing applications that the listener might use.


Listeners can be as far away from the stage as the Wi-Fi connection will allow. They may go to the parking lot, drink coffee or walk around the venue while still listening to translation via wifi, or switching over to mobile data (3G/4G/LTE) that would allow them to listen to the stream in any location.


The Interactio system can support up to 50000 listeners. However, the number of listeners supported also depends on local network capabilities.

Yes, you can use multiple Wi-Fi hotspots. However, they all have to be connected to the same network.

Network usage:

Internet usage (if streaming online is enabled):

  • Broadcaster software (streaming to Server): upload up to 100MB/h, download up to 4MB/h

  • Listener app (listening from Server): up to 60MB/h (per one smartphone)

Internet usage (if streaming is done only locally):

  • Broadcaster software : upload/download up to 4MB/h
  • Listener: upload/download up to 1MB/h (per one smartphone)
  • If attendees are already listening to the translation, they will still be able to hear the stream as long as they do not close the app.
  • If attendees are not already listening to the translation, then they will not be able to connect to the stream, because the initial connection requires Internet. 
  • Listeners can use their 3G/4G/LTE mobile data for listening with our Wi-Fi.

For small events (Max 32 wifi clients):

  • Linksys WRT1900ACS 
  • NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 
  • D-Link DIR-880L 
  • Linksys EA7300a 
  • ASUS RT-AC55U 
  • Medialink AC1200 
  • TP-Link Archer C1200 

For bigger events, please use flagship Access Points(accompanied by AP controllers, switches and routers) from these manufacturers:

  • Ruckus (e.g. ZONEFLEX R710)
  • Ubiquiti (e.g. AP‑AC‑HD)
  • Xirrus (e.g. XR-4000)
  • Aruba (e.g. 330 SERIES)
  • Cisco (e.g. 3800 Series)
  • Meraki (e.g. MR53)
  • Aerohive (e.g. AP550)

LTE/4G/3G Modem:

  • For EU use: Netgear LB1111-100EUS
  • For USA use: Netgear LB1121-100NAS