• For an event with up to 10 listeners, most standard computers will do the job.
  • For events with more than 10 listeners, we recommend pro level computers with at least dual core and up to 2.4Ghz processor, 8GB RAM. 
  • Both Windows and Mac computers are compatible with our system.

Interactio works on iPhones starting from iOS 8.0 and all Android devices starting from version 4. But we do recommend latest operating system updates.

Professional microphones are not necessary, but we recommend testing your microphone with our system to hear how the audio will sound to the listeners.

Use professional equipment, including microphone and input system.

Some brands and models we recomend:

Pro Microphones - Shure sm58s, Sennheiser e835s with Shure X2U adapters (for quality sound) or simple USB to XLR cable. 

HiEnd headsets - Logitech H650e, Logitech H820e (only wireless), Plantronics Blackwire 520, Plantronics Blackwire 725, Jabra BIZ 2400 II-series 


The volume level depends on the input to the computer. You can try increasing the volume of the input device using the computer’s sound settings.

  • Our call-in option allows attendees to use any phone to connect to the stream
  • 2-way headphone splitters can be used to connect two headphone sets to one device
  • Tablets can be used to listen to the audio, as well


We can provide sample headphones that organizers can distribute to listeners at the event. Approximate cost is 0.65eu/headphone + shipping from Europe. 

The quality of sound depends on the microphone used by the interpreter, the sound input to the computer, and the quality of listeners’ headphones. To improve the sound quality, you may have to adjust one or more of these variables.