Capabilities and Features

       1. Stream locally - While there still needs to be internet access for the broadcaster, attendees can connect to the stream via wifi. The audio will stream directly through the local network.

       2. Remote listening over wifi/3G/4G/LTE - Listen to the audio stream from anywhere. Enter the “location code” to connect to that specific stream while being on mobile data or any wifi available.  

       3. Call-in option - Simply dial the designated phone number to connect to the audio stream via phone call.    


Yes. You can download the recordings from the manage system.

Yes. Instead of using a microphone, you will input the recorded sound to the computer.

We use OPUS Codec for audio compression and the Broadcaster has these options:
- Low: 32 kbit/s, Fullband speech, Audio bandwidth 20 kHz, Sample rate 48 kHz
- Normal: 64 kbit/s, Fullband mono music , Audio bandwidth 20 kHz, Sample rate 48 kHz
- Hight: 128 kbit/s, Fullband mono music, Audio bandwidth 20 kHz, Sample rate 48 kHz 

  • Windows 7 and above 
  • Mac OS 10.9 and above 

We support:

  • iOS 8 or higher 
  • Android 4 and higher

The app can support an unlimited number of languages.

  • Before launching the program, open your computer’s sound settings and select the correct input. After selecting the input, launch the Interactio Broadcaster. To confirm that the correct sound input is being used, click the “Settings” button.
  • If you already launched the program, you must stop the stream and change the sound input in the broadcaster app under settings.

By default, the app asks attendees if they would recommend Interactio to their friend or colleague. We plan to add the capability to ask custom questions in the future.

Yes. You can see the number of listeners on the computer app and on the management website.