• Send an email to all participants a few days prior to the event
  • Inform attendees at registration
  • Announce from stage
  • Interactio provides email templates, powerpoint slide and flyers in all languages to help you inform your attendees

Listeners can be as far away from the stage as the Wi-Fi connection will allow. They may go to the parking lot, drink coffee or walk around the venue while still listening to translation via wifi, or switching over to mobile data (3G/4G/LTE) that would allow them to listen to the stream in any location.

The stream will be paused while you take the call. Afterwards, you can come back to the app and continue to listen. This applies to phone calls, as well as calls through WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and similar apps.

  • Our call-in option allows attendees to use any phone to connect to the stream
  • 2-way headphone splitters can be used to connect two headphone sets to one device
  • Tablets can be used to listen to the audio, as well

By default, the app asks attendees if they would recommend Interactio to their friend or colleague. We plan to add the capability to ask custom questions in the future.