The number one reason Interactio joined ISO group

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At Interactio, we live for a good compromise. It allows us to solve complex problems and settle a common ground when the agreement seems hardly possible. But there’s one thing we can’t compromise on – quality.  Quality comes first in interpretation regardless of the conditions. Remote or on-site, we adhere to the latest ISO standards […]

Interactio goes remote together with European Institutions: 5 reasons you should do, too

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Did COVID-19 mess up your conference or training? Are you left wondering how to pull off your weekly work meeting with an international team? We, at Interactio, know how to make your plans happen with our new remote participant feature. After successfully helping corporates all over the world with more than 11 thousand events, Interactio […]

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Welcome to the World of Remote Simultaneous Translation


Technology never sleeps. That explains the fact why it’s always a step ahead of the rest of humanity. While the new tech-solutions are being advanced daily, most of us are waiting to board the train of future-driven trends. Some of those seemingly attractive trends disappear without being noticed. A small handful of smart solutions are […]

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