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When we say that the sky is the limit, we really mean it!

TED is the leading international non-profit media organization that specializes in conferences dealing with a wide range of topics. TED calls themselves a global community which is keen on welcoming people from every discipline and culture. TED passionately believes in the power of ideas to change lives, attitudes and the world itself. Curiosity is the power that drives humanity forwards. Our Interactio team ended up being a part of that curiosity, too.

Today, we are proud to be the official TED partners around the world.

Our partnership story worth sharing.

“Thanks to your service and you answering all our questions, attendees, who didn’t understand Polish, could still enjoy the event. We surely will recommendInteractioto other TEDx organizers as a convenient alternative to translation booths and other equipment. Set-up was very easy and I was very happy to see that everything works out-of-the-box. The translators said that usingInteractiowas an interesting solution. Although they never worked with such a service, it was very straightforward.”

Wojciech Bielecki, TEDxYouth@Warsaw, Poland

“We used Interaction for our TEDxDili event in 2017. This was our third TEDx event. Our events always attract diverse participants and one of our key challenges was ensuring that our participants were able to understand the talks given that some of them were delivered in Tetum (one of the official languages of Timor-Leste) while others were delivered in English. Unfortunately, we never offered translation services at our previous TEDxDili events because it was simply too expensive. Interactio enabled our participants to understand the talks delivered by our speakers. For instance, one of our speakers who is a marine scientist delivered her talk on the work she’s been doing with communities in Atauro island to preserve their marine conservation. She delivered her talk in English. And among the participants, there were the communities who she worked with. But they didn’t speak English. Interactio enabled the communities to understand that this speaker up on the stage was discussing about the wonderful work they’ve done not only to the audience in the room but also to the world. There was very minimum technical requirements needed to set-up Interactio and the connection during the event was amazing! As a lead curator of TEDxDili, I think Interactio helps to bridge a meaningful connection and engagement between our speakers and participants. I would certainly use Interactio again.”

Gabriela Leite Soares, TEDxDili, Timor-Leste

“We have successfully finished our event with no trouble around Interactio. Sound quality was quite good, some TEDxKobe staff and translators told me, compared to conventional transmitter/receiver systems. Voice was very clear, which was surprising them all, really. It was also surprising to me, since the talk in English was so easy to understand for non-English speaking-audiences.”

Hideki Yakushiji, TEDxKobe, Japan

We became [the] only student-organized event providing simultaneous interpretation in [the] whole Tohoku region and Interactio made it happen. Thank you so much for that! 🙂 The chance for more people to comprehend the ideas our speakers shared was certainly one of [the] highlights of our event this year. We also hope to work with [Interactio] next year as well and we will recommend Interactio to other TEDx communities in Japan.”

Kiya Okhlopkova, TEDxTohokuUniversity, Japan

“Previous editions of our TEDxYouth@Groningen event had always been in dutch, but we’ve received feedback that international students who don’t understand dutch felt left out. So this time we wanted to explore organising our event in english. A team member asked other TEDx organizers for tips, and someone recommended Interactio to us. Dutch youth pretty much all understand english, so we focussed only on providing dutch to english translations. The app is very easy to use, and the support has been excellent. Any question is answered quickly and issues are quickly resolved. It was very nice to be able to call them after rehearsals to ensure that everything is working as intended. The event went flawlessly without any technical issues. I would love to use Interactio again for our next event, and would definitely recommend to other event organizers.”

Kevin DeBoer, TEDxYouthGroningen, Netherlands

Partnership Story

It all started with TEDX Vilnius. Since TED’s official language is English, TEDX Vilnius organizers had never considered the possibility of translating the talks. They believed that both participants and listeners were required to know the English language due to the nature of TED event. However, new ideas spread quickly and as soon as they heard about Interactio system they decided to give it a try.


The English-Lithuanian translation service provided by Interactio during one of TEDX Vilnius event appeared to be incredibly successful. Right before the conference started, the organizers announced that the talks will be translated in real-time. The majority of participants downloaded the app immediately. It turned out that more than 120 listeners out of 600 used the app during conference. Users who were outside the conference hall could also participate remotely, since the video was streamed in the lobby.


Interactio app became an instant success in the TEDX event due to the couple of reasons. First, it is so easy to use so that everyone can download the app instantly. Secondly, TEDX talks tend to get a little complicated for non-native English speakers as they involve specific terminology and complex syntax. Many participants, even the ones who consider themselves to know the language, prefer to have the talk translated in order to understand it better. As a result, the TEDX Vilnius became available for a much greater and more diverse audience. One participant expressed his joy that his teenage son could understand the talk perfectly. Without Interactio that would not have happened.


After a single year TEDX Vilnius started providing translations in three different languages – Lithuanian, Russian and English. TEDX Vilnius audience expanded dramatically and our partnership blossomed.

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